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10 Pitfalls That May Hinder
Your Business Growth
 Have you asked yourself these questions?

Are you having issues with HR? 

Is attracting and retaining key employees an issue?

Are Govt. Rules and Regulations bogging you down?

Would increasing your cash flow help your business?

Here's what some of our clients are saying: 
"Prior to us utilizing the PEO we spent countless hours every week doing payroll, handling HR issues, enrolling/changing employee health/dental benefits, initializing workers compensation claims, responding to unemployment claims, and conducting safety meetings. The most surprising benefit we received from utilizing the PEO was how easy our transition was as well as how much time we saved." Russell Rice, KWM

"The reason that we originally signed up with a PEO was so the office personnel could focus on billing, logistics, and office management and not get bogged down with workers comp issues and payroll taxes." Harold Smith, WS Coatings

"One of our primary goals in which our PEO continues to excel, is providing pre-employment verification and maintaining our payroll and tax administration services accurately and in a timely manner." Denny Jenkins, PBT Pipe Inspections

"Our PEO has maintained a continuous rapport with us as a client and keeps us current and apprised of changing policies, coverage's, and services. They alleviate the need for additional administrative employees that would be needed for our manufacturing firm." Jane Dillon, Subcooled Air